Oct 13 2012

Five easy steps to place your first horse racing bet

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1. Find a race and sports book that offers simulcasting and parimutuel betting. Most major casino ‘books’ offer horse betting and simulcast the major domestic thoroughbred and harness tracks. Some also offer quarter-horse and greyhound wagering.

2. Study your racing form, program and tip sheets and make your selections. Racing forms such as the Daily Racing Form and printed track programs are usually available at the ticket counter free or at a reduced charge.

3. As the race approaches, watch the simulcast screens and check your selections on the track’s ‘tote board’ for the latest odds, payouts and to ensure that your horse (or horses) haven’t been ‘scratched’ (withdrawn from the race).

4. Go to the ticket writer and announce the name of the track you wish to bet, for example “Santa Anita”. Then the number of the race you wish to bet, for example “race number three”. Then the type of bet. This can be a simple bet such as ‘win’ – a wager that your horse will finish first; ‘place’ – a wager that your horse will finish either first or second; or ‘show’ – a wager that your horse will finish first, second or third. There are also a number of ‘exotic’ bets that are beyond the scope of this article. Once you have announced the track, race and type of bet, tell the writer which horse you have selected by number and the amount of your bet. Putting it all together – “Santa Anita, race three, two dollars to win on horse five”. Placing your bet MUST be completed before the last horse enters the starting gate.

5. Check your ticket for accuracy. All of the information you gave the ticket writer must appear on your ticket exactly as you announced it – track, race, horse, type of bet and amount. If you find an error you must tell the writer at this time in order for him/her to void that ticket and issue a correct one.

Placing your bet is the easy part, selecting which horse to bet – that’s the hard part. Watch for future articles on exotic wagering and race horse handicapping. But for now, just sit back and enjoy the race. In most race and sports books, you can enjoy the races AND your favorite sporting events on the big screens.