Apr 04 2014

Should we bet on soccer at all?

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Betting on football matches has so many flaws that it is a pure miracle why most of the bettors around the world continue betting on this sport. Exactly those deficiencies we are going to discuss in this post and I will try to point you why you should forget about betting on football matches.

The biggest of all disadvantages of betting on football matches is the fact that this is a sport where every match can end in three possible outcomes – a home win, an away win and a draw. This gives extra options to loss your bet, which should not be overlooked.

A possible solution to this problem is to try betting on Asian Handicap. In this betting way the possible outcomes of a football match are reduced to only two. It is important to know that every Asian Handicap bet has three ending options. Your bet could be a winner, it could be a loser and it can be canceled and your money would be returned. The latter happens when the team you bet for covers the margin but fails to win it. For example, a bet for Barcelona on -2 against Almeria. The match ends with a Barcelona win with 3-1. Thus the total score became 3:3 and the bet is canceled. You get your money back.

However, you must remember that Asian handicap shouldn’t be confused with the European Handicap where with the same bet for Barcelona on -2 and a final result of 3:1, it will be a loser. This is because with the European Handicap the draw don’t cancel the bet.

Another major disadvantage of football as a betting sport is the fact that it is too unpredictable. The winners in most of the matches are too often decided by a single goal. A goal could be made, but it also could be missed. A completely different story is when you bet on sports like volleyball, tennis , basketball, baseball and other. What is common with these sports is that the winner is decided after many scored points and thus the chance is eliminated as a factor in the process of deciding which team or player will be the winner in a match.

So if you bet on football matches, think again and decide whether it isn’t better to try with some other sport.

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